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Getting the millennial crowd interested in life insurance isn't easy, which is why we approached Transamerica with a travelogue campaign revolving around their slogan: "Transform Tomorrow". It was our first attempt at creating a Tumblr from vision to execution—and we knew we had to go above and beyond our limits. We developed an idea to travel the United States and shoot gifs of all kinds: innovative cities, cultural icons, landscapes, alternative technology, and bold ideas in action.

To add an interactive element, we constructed the site's background to depict a 24 hour-time-lapse video of the Transamerica Building in Los Angeles at different times of the day, depending on when a visitor views the site—a first for Tumblr and a challenge for us. Within 18 months we’ve so far captured the spirit in 23 states, and the project was named a Gold Winner by Hermes Creative Awards in 2015.

We were honored when The Daily Dot approached us to speak on their SXSW panel, "The Economy of the Gif". To make it a truly unforgettable experience and to offer pre-panel content for readers, we approached them with the idea of a road trip from NY to Austin, TX. With a writer from The Daily Dot, we stopped along the way to interview and create "on the road" gifs of popular Tumblr bloggers, singer/songwriters, viral-video celebrities, and Grumpy Cat—a legend in her own time.