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Nationally recognized skateboarder and entrepreneur Paul Rodriguez Jr., best known as P-Rod, found himself in league with Michael Jordan when Nike created a signature skateboarding sneaker, the Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 8, capturing his attitude while maintaining durability to withstand hours of serious skateboarding.

We were approached by Nike to promote the release of the SB 8 and decided to test these bad boys out by shooting the sneaker while following P-Rod around his hometown of Los Angeles. In some of the same locations where he practiced with his first board at age 12, P-Rod impressed us with signature tricks and his world-class attitude. The gifs were used to announce the release of the sneakers that sold out within a day on

St. Ives sent the Mr. Gif team out to Hawaii to capture St. Ives in St. Ives, metaphorically speaking. The team created product illustration and photo gifs shot on location. Each product was giffed within the context of the product’s special features. The locations represented both the brand and the product features within an alluring Hawaii backdrop.

For Ultimate Ears' wireless Boom speaker, "designed for the next adventure", we created projection mapping gifs on cubes, cones, and a shadow box to recreate the 360 degree immersive sound featured in the speaker.

Each gif created displays one of the speaker's benefits: weather resistance, long battery life, wireless product compatibility, and unlimited mobility—to name a few.

Nike tasked our team with coming up with a unique way to highlight the brand's new Foamposite model. Inspired by the shoe pattern of a Doppler radar weather map, we created visuals of the sneaker against a backdrop that reflected the weather pattern on the shoe. Nike used all of the creative in the press release that was shown on GQ and Complex.