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MTV wanted to raise awareness on why kids should go to school. Not so sure why kids should go to school, but we cannot deny our love for MTV and their ability to school us in our youth. We coordinated an effort to get the best artists on Tumblr to create artwork that would potentially inspire the young to go to school.

The GIF artists included illustrators and photographers who all created images and bite-size narratives on why going to school was important. Utilizing multiple gif artist was super and wasseen as cutting-edge innovative thinking at the time. Visit site.

Vice asked us to create content for their collaboration with AT&T, called the "Mobile Movement". The campaign called for phone-related content on a monthly basis, so we decided on everybody's favorite word-replacement-system: emoticons. To add a hand made touch to the project, we painted watercolor versions of emojis. One of them got over 100,000 notes!

St. Ives sent the Mr. Gif team out to Hawaii to capture St. Ives in St. Ives, metaphorically speaking. The team created product illustration and photo gifs shot on location. Each product was giffed within the context of the product’s special features. The locations represented both the brand and the product features within an alluring Hawaii backdrop.

We were asked to contribute gifs for Coca-Cola's first all-digital campaign, fittingly named "Ahh", "Ahhhh", and "Ahhhhhhhh"—each with its own .com address. We helped promote Coke's mega-successful teen-aimed websites by creating sideshow posters for each. After 6 months, Coke received over 4 million views on their websites, prompting boardroom "Ahhs."

For IFC's sketch-comedy hit Portlandia, we approached Tumblr gif artists to help illustrate favorite scenes for every episode of season 3 before it aired. The gifs were used to promote the newest season on Tumblr and published on the premiere night of each episode.