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To promote their newly designed bottle, Evian gave us access to both the U.S. Open and one of the best tennis players on the planet, Maria Sharapova. We shot the refreshingly down-to-Earth Ms. Sharapova in her hotel room with Evian - a trait exhibited in the gifs.

Other gifs came directly from our time at the U.S. Open and with Evian water itself - presented on their social channels during the major Tennis event's airing.

We were asked to contribute gifs for Coca-Cola's first all-digital campaign, fittingly named "Ahh", "Ahhhh", and "Ahhhhhhhh"—each with its own .com address. We helped promote Coke's mega-successful teen-aimed websites by creating sideshow posters for each. After 6 months, Coke received over 4 million views on their websites, prompting boardroom "Ahhs."

Skippy asked us to promote their peanut butter, a basic food group for us, on their Tumblr. We laser-burned images on slices of toast and created gifs out of the results.