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We had the honor of being invited by the Grammys to cover the Winner’s Room backstage for the past two years. To capture the magic of the event and the magnetic energy of the artist, we utilized film stereoscopic 3D cameras . A big highlight for the Grammys was capturing a gif of Pharrell and his bucket hat minutes after receiving his Grammy win.

American Apparel invited us into their impressive factory for the day to shoot garment workers and models. It's well-established that A.A. appreciates their factory team, but we didn't know an on-site hospital existed for immediate treatment of workplace injury or illness. We shot two American Apparel models in 3D stereoscopic gifs, wearing clothing fashioned by contented garment workers.

Hip-hop magazine XXL invited us to shoot rap legend Rick Ross during his cover shoot for the newest issue of the magazine. We took 3D stereoscopic migfs of Mr. Rozay, and were honored with the privilege of hanging out with him as he got a fresh haircut like a Don, tried on different gold necklaces like a King, and smoked green like a Boss.

Tumblr broke into the NYFW scene, pairing with brands for collaboration, and presenting the results at a gallery hosted by Milk Studios.

We paired up with IMG models and their up-and-coming models to create 3D stereoscopic gifs, handed out 3D glasses for viewers, and let them feast their eyes on gifs in glorious double 3D.

We learned, after invited by Vice to promote their NYFW Dog Show, the world of fashion is strange. We captured the bondage-bound, leather-studded pups as 3D stereoscopic gifs, a departure from our previously digital interaction with stereoscopic photography. The gifs were featured on Vice's blog to promote, and provide some self-awareness to, NYFW.

The Jimmy Fallon team asked us to cover a day of preparation for the popular nightly show. From backstage production, rehearsal, and to the taping of the episode, we captured the staff hard at work, The Roots' practice session, and Jimmy Fallon's own preparation methods, energy, and well-known charm.

We shot the day in 3D Stsreoscopic gifs, later presented on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's Tumblr.