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American Apparel invited us into their impressive factory for the day to shoot garment workers and models. It's well-established that A.A. appreciates their factory team, but we didn't know an on-site hospital existed for immediate treatment of workplace injury or illness. We shot two American Apparel models in 3D stereoscopic gifs, wearing clothing fashioned by contented garment workers.

We were honored when The Daily Dot approached us to speak on their SXSW panel, "The Economy of the Gif". To make it a truly unforgettable experience and to offer pre-panel content for readers, we approached them with the idea of a road trip from NY to Austin, TX. With a writer from The Daily Dot, we stopped along the way to interview and create "on the road" gifs of popular Tumblr bloggers, singer/songwriters, viral-video celebrities, and Grumpy Cat—a legend in her own time.