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Digital 3D

The British Columbia, Canada based Pemberton music festival features big acts with the gorgeous Mount Currie as backdrop. The nice folks at Pemberton invited us with backstage access - and gave us our own golf carts to get to performances on time. Canadians are extremely friendly.

With full reign over the festival and production, we used all kinds of methods to create gifs for their social channels, including: VHS aired during the festival, 3D-scans of Canada's own Trailer Park Boys, and 3D Stereoscopic gifs.

Unlike any camera available, Lytro's ILLUM creates a depth map of images, allowing the user multiple deliverables with a single exposure. In layman's terms, this camera takes 3D images, or living pictures, to offer a more intimate viewing experience. As photography nerds, this is a big deal to us.

We were asked to promote the camera with gifs we wanted to create and decided to show off ILLUM's features on close ups of models at different angles and depths.