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Los Angeles to SXSW

We make creative content with an editorial perspective to build engaging and emotional connections through authentic storytelling within the worlds of fashion, music, film, art and technology. We create print, digital and film content and activate social media platforms for live events.

  • Collective Reach: 380k followers

We will disrupt your feed with a mix of original interviews, film, photography and animated GIFs. We are looking for an exclusive partner to collaborate and tap into our audience through a series of branded posts on our platforms. Together our different backgrounds and experiences can provide a new insight to highlighting your brand or product. Mixing our fresh styles with this unique vision, we will create a perspective that hasn't been seen in the media.

Road Trip Breakdown

Our trip starts in sunny Los Angeles and ends in weird Austin. Crossing 4 different state lines, we will capture content that would not be able to be birthed from our computer desks back in New York. We did research on rare and breathtaking locations that deserve the spotlight and our mission is to create one-of-a-kind visuals that nobody can ignore. Being an artist collective, we would mix the best of both worlds - animation and stills to take viewers on a unique journey. Our stops include Marfa, White Sands National Park, Amboy Crater, The Salton Sea to name a few. See map and locations below. Join us and take your brand on an out of town experience it deserves.

  • Deliverables

From each road trip location we would deliver 1 gif/video and 5 stills. Once we get to Austin for SXSW we would feature one artist per day and highlight emerging talent (with prior discussion on featured talent with your brand). Each day leading to and during the festival we will publish a sponsored post tagged with your brand on our channels. We have over 380k followers collectively with a wide range of influence in fashion, art, music and technology.

Ira Chernova

A creative photographer, filmmaker and model based in NYC; born and raised in Moscow.

Clients include RCA records, Columbia records, XL records,, Diesel, NeueHouse, Converse, Garage magazine, Schon magazine, Flaunt magazine, Samsung, Tumblr, NicoPanda, QPrime, Galore Magazine, Playboy.


An art duo collective running a mom and pop creative agency based out of NYC.

Clients include Nike, AT&T and Jimmy Fallon. Their work has been showcased by The Creators Project, utilized by MTV and called upon to cover the Grammys.

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  • Pardon the grammar, written by immigrants :)